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Beyond the pandemic

Coronavirus has slowed down economic activities and has had an unimaginable impact on people, communities, companies and economies.

As the government is gradually reopening the economy, companies are permitted to restart their business activities. Children will soon be allowed to go back to school, banks, hotel, religious centres and events centre will also gradually but surely find their way back into everyday life with COVID-19.

Nextnergy developed an Automated Disinfectant Booth to ensure the way back into a new, safe normal is seamless.

Nextnergy Automated Disinfectant Booth

As part of the global health and safety protective measures to curb the spread of Covid-19, Nextnergy Disinfectant Booth sterilize the human body.

The disinfectant is sprayed through nozzles to form a fine mist of water which eliminates any viruses bacteria or fungi that stick to clothing, shoes, bags or other objects.

Application areas: Banks, Airports, Supermarkets, Mall, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Event centres and Factories. It is suitable wherever large crowds of people meet or frequent party traffic arises.

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Full Body Disinfectant Booth

An automatic disinfectant system with 12 nozzle sprayers and Smart hand sanitizer. Extremely little water and consequently little disinfectant is required (0.55 l/min). The disinfection process is completed in 15 seconds; the effect lasts up to 24 hours.

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Temperature Check

Contact-less body Temperature measurement and audible abnormal temperature alarm

Power Consumption

Lowest power consumption. The booth requires just 1kW of electricity.

Food grade disinfection liquid

The mixture of concentrate and water has a pH-value of 7.


Easy screen control panel. Maintenance without an expert. The individual nozzle can be easily cleaned by hand.

Fast Delivery

We produce locally at a high standard, you will get your disinfectant booth delivered with 1 week or less from the time you customized your specification and budget.

Generous warranties

We offer free installation and 12 months warranty against production defect.

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Order for your booth now

Refer and Earn

You make money by referring Clients who purchase Nextnergy Disinfectant Booth. Your efforts are well rewarded through our robust commission structure.